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Ceretto Monsordo Langhe Rosso 2016

 Ceretto Monsordo Langhe Rosso 2016
Ceretto Monsordo Langhe Rosso 2016
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The Monsordo Bernardina Estate in the 90s underwent significant ampelographic changes. Alongside the traditional varieties, a series of foreign varieties were planted; the idea was to observe their potential in the Piedmont region, and their capacity to strongly exhibit expressiveness and performance in the glass.

After several years of singular production, in 1997, the project became to create a unique wine blending from the varieties that were best acclimatized to the region; Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah. Each variety was used separately, then aged in wood and blended in varying percentages depending on the year. Monsordo is a wine with a relatively modern character, able to express the characteristics of its component varieties but also strongly influenced by the Langa terroir: an international wine but with a distinctly Piedmontese accent. 

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