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At the island’s southwestern point sits Sant'Antioco, the home to some of the oldest Carignan vines in the world, planted in 100% sandy soil with some vines sitting as close as 50 metres to the sea, the wine captivates the wonderful varietal expressiveness evoking a Mediterranean climate through..
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Ermes Pavese's remote vineyards are so isolated, they are able to work with pre-phylloxera vines. Prié Blanc is the rare, indigenous Val d’Aosta grape variety produces a refreshing, well-balanced wine.An exceptional tasting white wine with a lovely herbaceous character and great depth of flavour..
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Another fantastic wine from one of our favourite producers - Antonutti.A sort of baby Amarone made of Merlot and Pignolo grapes.The Merlot are harvested at their best phenolic maturation, then they are laid down for the drying process, destemmed, crushed, fermented, macerated and finally softly pres..
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