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Andaras 2016

Andaras 2016
Andaras 2016
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At the island’s southwestern point sits Sant'Antioco, the home to some of the oldest Carignan vines in the world, planted in 100% sandy soil with some vines sitting as close as 50 metres to the sea, the wine captivates the wonderful varietal expressiveness evoking a Mediterranean climate through its dark fruit, herb and spice profile, paired with a stylishly smooth texture and suave structure.

James Suckling included in his 2018 article ‘Sardinia's Wines: High Quality, Low Visibility’ that “the island’s wines have improved by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years” and for winemaker Marco Pinna who has been producing wines for private consumption has decided to finally share his truly artisanal heritage project.

With exceptionally low yields, just 900 bottles made

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