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Antonutti Poppone 2018

Antonutti Poppone 2018
Antonutti Poppone 2018
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Another fantastic wine from one of our favourite producers - Antonutti.

A sort of baby Amarone made of Merlot and Pignolo grapes.

The Merlot are harvested at their best phenolic maturation, then they are laid down for the drying process, destemmed, crushed, fermented, macerated and finally softly pressed and racked into stainless-steel tanks where they rest for over a year. After that, they are blended with a perfectly balanced percentage of Pignolo grapes, historic and rare autochthonous vine type of Friuli; a well-defined and austere grape that is suitable for long evolutions through the years thanks to its tight-knit tannins. Pignolo grapes are harvested when fully ripe, then they are destemmed, crushed and left fermented: the wine ages finally in tonneaux for 12 months.

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