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Giuseppe Quintarelli Primofiore 2018

Giuseppe Quintarelli Primofiore 2018
Giuseppe Quintarelli Primofiore 2018
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Cuvée Primofiore, which means "first pressing", offers floral (violet, rose), fruity (red and dark berries) and spicy aromas and delivers a wealth of subtle tannins on the palate in a well-balanced fresh, flavoursome package which is distinctively light and indulgent.

Giuseppe Quintarelli is considered to be quite simply a legend of Italian viticulture, notably of Amarone, a globally-renowned Venetian wine. He unfortunately passed away in 2012, having spent many years managing his 12-hectare domain in the northern hills of Verona at the heart of the Valpolicella appellation. A perfectionist, this wine maker made a name for himself with his Amarone della Valpolicella Classico and his Recioto, selling his cuvées only after many years of ageing. Giuseppe's daughter Fiorenza took up the domain with her husband and two children, Francesco and Lorenzo, and a team of four works at the domain throughout the year.
The viticulture at the domain is traditional, inspired by ancestral practices. The vines are treated only when necessary (when it rains, for example), and no herbicides are used. The yields are kept to a minimum with rigorous pruning and green harvests. The grapes are picked by hand before being dried for 4 months (when destined to become Amarone). The winery has been modernised to improve the quality of the wine even further. An exceptional domain.

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