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Hugel Riesling 2017

Hugel Riesling 2017
Hugel Riesling 2017
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The noblest white wine of them all, Riesling is dry and aristocratic. The climate and soil enable this variety to achieve its fullest potential. Elegant and distinguished, it partners all the gastronomic specialities of Alsace, as well as seafood and grilled or poached fish.

Tasting Notes:

The bouquet is fresh and lively, crisp and clean, pleasantly aromatic and fruity, green apple, lemongrass, ginger, white peach and fresh white flowers with an agreeable touch of muscatel. This is an authentic, expressive young Riesling.

The wine is dry and fresh on the palate, vivacious, nicely taut and elegantly structured, giving depth and persistence and a finish that positively encourages another sip.

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