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Kistler Chardonnay 'Les Noisetiers' 2019

Kistler Chardonnay 'Les Noisetiers' 2019
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Kistler Chardonnay 'Les Noisetiers' 2019
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Les Noisetiers is a combination of specific lots from within Kistler’s vineyards of designated quality that are situated in far western Sonoma County, near the coast. They began creating Les Noisetiers upon noting that there was an inherent mineral tone which they loved in the lots from their vineyards planted in these coastal sandy Gold Ridge soils

Kistler is a true standard-bearer of quality in California. Their wines are not cheap but rarely are they anything but sublime. Blossom and white flowers on the nose and loads of dense but well-weighted fruit - peach, apricots, pineapple and pear - on the palate. A fine and complex smorgasbord of fruit.

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