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Maximin Grunhaus `Maximin` Riesling 2021

Maximin Grunhaus `Maximin` Riesling 2021
Maximin Grunhaus `Maximin` Riesling 2021
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  • Model: Maximin Grunhaus `Maximin` Riesling 2021
Our MAXIMIN wine brand forms the basis of the portfolio. A Moselle Riesling with a classic character. The grapes are harvested by our partners in outstanding slate locations along the Moselle and Ruwer. With the 2020 vintage, the packaging has undergone a subtle facelift. The label now features the fiery red "steam horse" from our family coat of arms - a reference to the merits of our ancestors in the mining, metallurgical and railway industries.


Wine description
On the nose, the 2021 Maximin Riesling shows a wonderfully playful fruit aroma. Green apple, hints of ripe raspberries and elegant citric notes paired with floral tones reminiscent of elderflower. On the palate it shows more ripe fruit. First, ripe citrus fruits and yellow stone fruit, such as yellow peaches and plums. The concise slate flavor and defined acidity give it its typical Moselle character and give it a perfect balance, lightness and freshness that make it a pleasure to drink.  
accompaniment An uncomplicated Riesling and the perfect accompaniment to any celebration. For drinking alone or as an accompaniment to light leaf salads with strawberries and asparagus.

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