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Elemental Cornish Gin

Elemental Cornish Gin
Elemental Cornish Gin
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This is a genuine small batched Cornish Gin, made in a classic London Dry Gin distilled in a traditional copper still in the heart of Cornwall. Elemental Cornish Gin is made using traditional methods with organic English grain alcohol, locally sourced Cornish spring water and a selection of 12 botanicals including Juniper berries, Coriander, Cassia bark, Orris root all have created an exceptionally smooth aromatic and well balanced gin that is completely dry with grassy notes and a long gentle finish for the perfect Martini or G&T. The rest of the 12 are a closely guarded family secret, protected by the beast of Bodmin (not really). Only the middle cut is selected with a run of only 80 bottles, it is then water down with Cornish spring water to 42% vol. Their label includes ancient alchemy symbols for copper and water; key elements in their gin and strong symbols of Cornwall.

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