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Weingut Am Stein

We love a good Pet Nat here, and the Pure & Naked is one of our favourites.The term "Pétillant Naturel" refers to the production method. This is a very old method also known as "méthode ancestral" .Without the addition of yeast, sugar, must or otherwise, the pearly natural wine may ferment ..
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Such an underrated wine!A very clean, light and refreshing wine with a strong mineral character and notes of honey. Ideal for fish dishes or as an aperitif..
Ex Tax:£8.29
An elegant wine with aromas of grapefruit and exotic fruit. Very lively with great a balance of acidity and fruit flavour...
Ex Tax:£12.08
Exotic mango and tropical fruits are plentiful in this juicy wine. A perfect match for spicy dishes and creamy soups...
Ex Tax:£12.08
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